10 Sep 2023
NOVAX MVR evaporator is economical, energy-saving and pocket-friendly - the comparison of pros and cons is open to the public

Compared with past distillers, NOVAX MVR evaporator (mechanical vapor recompression technology) is no longer the same large distillation tower as in the past, which requires a lot of area and consumes a lot of energy. Through continuous testing and research, NOVAX MVR evaporator effectively improves the shortcomings of previous distillation towers. The following is the internal structure analysis table of NOVAX MVR evaporator. Through the analysis table, we can clearly understand that our NOVAX MVR evaporator pays great attention to the structural design. Energy saving and component quality are also checked at all levels, fully demonstrating our investment in water treatment equipment research and demonstrating our determination and advantages in the zero wastewater discharge policy.


Compared with previous distillers in terms of energy consumption, NOVAX MVR can use the minimum energy consumption to recover the high-temperature steam generated during the distillation process, and then pressurize it into higher-temperature and high-pressure steam, which can be used as a heat source in the distillation equipment to pass through the waste heat. Driven to achieve effective utilization of resources, save costs and create maximum economic benefits.

Taking the case benefit analysis of electroplating waste liquid treatment as an example, the waste liquid volume of an electroplating factory is 100 CMD, and a unit with a daily production capacity of 100 tons (NOVAX MVR evaporator-mechanical vapor recompression technology) concentrates the waste liquid to At 20%, the power consumption per ton is 25 kilowatt-hours, and 92.5% recycled water is generated, leaving 0.075 tons of waste liquid per ton. As shown in the table below, it not only achieves economic benefits but also helps the industry save a lot of expenses.

The water resource issue has not only been selected by the World Economic Forum as the number one risk factor affecting the world in the next 10 years. With the rapid development of global industry, environmental pollution has become increasingly serious, and the demand for water regeneration has also increased. Zero discharge can reduce the impact of wastewater discharge. The impact of the environment, and the biggest advantages of NOVAX MVR evaporator are low energy consumption, low cost, low maintenance and long stability period. Through our professional technology, we can improve your wastewater troubles, reduce the harm to the environment, and achieve zero emissions. The ultimate goal is to create a win-win situation!